Monday, 29 August 2011

                                           Swimwear Trends

If you are all set to have a sizzling summer, you need to get those perfect swimsuits that are sure to turn heads on the beach this year. Each year new swimsuit designs and fabric patterns grace the runways of Paris and Milan; while some of these trends come and go; there are some classics which look stunning regardless of when you and where you wear them. So here is a look at the ultimate summer swimwear trends for 2010 -
The Little Black Number

You probably own one already but if not, its time to invest in a gorgeous black swimsuit; the colour looks sexy and suits zero to plus size women equally well. There are some fabulous patterns available in black that suit women of all ages.
Polka Dots

No, these are not just for kids anymore; as a matter of fact, you would be surprised to see how spectacular they look when the right colours are used. However, make sure that the scale of the polka dots is minimal and do not go for patterns that have more than three colors.
The One Shoulder Wonder

This design has been a rage on fashion runways for a few years now; however, this year the pattern is veering away from the one piece swimwear and towards the stylish bikini. The one shoulder swimwear looks fabulous on women with heavier bust as well as women with the most perfect hourglass figure.
Bold Prints

If you have packed in a few pounds and have not been able to shed those pesky inches, swimwear with bold prints can come to your rescue. Bold prints are certainly in this season and everything from floral to stripes is being used on swimwear. Remember to always go for vertical stripes that give you thin look.
Animal Prints:

Swimwear in animal prints are still popular; particularly the zebra and leopard prints. If you feel that the zebra stripes are too out there, you can add animal prints to your swimwear by including the right accessories.

The frilly look of swimwear has also spilled onto other clothing trends and is a huge hit this summer. The best part of using frills on swimsuits is that they effectively hide the areas that could use the loss of a few kilos while accentuating the well toned parts of your body.
The Colours:

If you like basic block colours; there is certainly a lot of option available for you this year. The eye catching purples, fuchsias and emerald greens are very hot this summer while the stunning jewel tones are still creating waves with a few shades of blue thrown in for good measure.

This is another trend that has gained favor with a lot of swimwear designers this year; rouched pieces are those in which an additional piece of cloth is attached to create a gathered effect along the curvature of the hips. This is a strategic measure used to hide those areas that we would like to minimize. Rouching is not only seen in gorgeous one piece swimwear but is also common in the bikini.

They are sweet, cute, playful and they are back again in swimwear collections across the world. Ruffles can help to camouflage those heavy parts and minimize the curves to bring out a smoldering hour glass figure.

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